Registration of the new personnel is only conducted once the individuals have successfully gone through the screening phase. The individuals sign the employment contract with the Company and are issued with a unique employee number, upon submission of the following documentation

• Completed registration form
• Certified copy of an ID
• Certified copies of academic certificates
• Proof of professional indemnity
• Proof of hepatitis B vaccination


Individuals who are seeking employment with the Company undergo the following screening process prior to registration:

• Basic clinical test to gauge knowledge and experience
• Criminal checks and vetting of qualifications


I All our branches have a dedicated training facility, where training and workshops are conducted. Theory orientation is done over 2 days on completion of registration, to prepare the individuals for placements at the hospitals. On day 1 the introduction to Company Clinical Policies and Procedures is done and also Clients’ specific Policies are incorporated. On day 2 the Medication workshop is conducted for Registered Nurses (RNs) and Enrolled Nurses (ENs). At the completion of this orientation, a medication test is conducted and only those who pass the evaluation may proceed to clinical orientation at hospital level.


The Clinical Training Specialist are responsible to accompany all the Nursing personnel who are scheduled for hospital induction. Risk Based training includes but not restricted to:

• Basic life Support training (BLS)
• Competency assessment
• Continued Development programme (CPD)
• Medication workshop
• High care and ICU workshop


Upon the completion of Clinical orientation, the Nursing personnel are now ready to be booked for placement at various hospitals. Our bookings department is open from 7h30-16h30 on Mondays to Fridays and available after hours on branch specific after-hours contact numbers. The personnel call in to avail themselves for shifts at their preferred hospitals.


Our payroll runs on weekly basis on different days. Employees are expected to familiarize themselves with payroll days for their respective hospitals. The hospitals submit the hours worked for payment. All payment queries are directed to relevant branches for prompt response.


The Clinical Training Specialists at each branch are responsible to investigate and feedback to hospitals all clinical incidents reported to the Company. The employees are advised accordingly in the event that they are involved in the incident. Depending on the seriousness of the incident, an employee might be cancelled to work until such time that the incident is resolved and the necessary corrective action is completed.